Class Description

(1) Chinese Lessons 全年中文課程

Friday 7-9pm (Pre-Level1, Level 1,2,3,4,5,6, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Advanced 3)
Saturday 4-6pm  (Pre-Level1, Level 1,2,3,4,5,6, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Advanced 3)
Simplified and Traditional Chinese (简体和繁體中文)

(2) Free Chinese Summer Program 免費暑期中文班 – Beginners only 只有初级班

Friday 7-9pm (Only Beginners)
Saturday 4-6pm  (Only Beginners)
Simplified and Traditional Chinese (简体和繁體中文)
– Focus on practical Chinese Conversation on various fun topics with games and interesting activities
— 著重日常生活用語和會話,透過有趣的遊戲和活動,引發學習中文的興趣。

(3) SAT Prep for High School 高中SAT 考試預備班 (10th-12th) 

      SAT Prep for Junior High  初中SAT 考試預備班 (7th -9th )

– SAT I Math Prep (SAT I Prep 數學)
– SAT Critical Reading & Writing  (SAT 英文閱讀與寫作)

(4) Math Enrichment Class Elementary 小學數學強化班 (1st – 6th)

– Help students build a solid foundation and prepare them for advanced classes and exams
– Target to improve students to one to two grade level higher
– 幫助學生建立了堅固的數學基礎來應付複雜的數學難題

(5) Writing Class 小學英文寫作班 (3rd – 6th)

– Focus writing skills and fluency, vocabulary, grammer and comprehension
– 着重英文寫作技巧和流畅,詞彙,語法和理解

(6) Drawing Class  繪畫班

– Focus on techniques of drawings, sketches, paintings and more
– 學生將學到繪畫技術,素描,油畫和其他