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2024 April-May: 幸福 Blessed


2024 Jan-Feb: 新年蒙恩 New Year’s Blessing
2023 Oct-Nov: 在祢没有难成的事 Nothing Is Impossible
2023 Aug-Sep: 太阳出来了 The Sun Is Shining Now
2023 Mar-Apr-May: 不停赞美 Endless Praise
2023 Jan-Feb: 新的事將要成就 You Do New Things
2022 Nov-Dec: 是为了爱 [耶稣降生在马槽] It’s all for love
2022 Aug-Oct: 不动摇的信心 Unshakeable Faith
2022 Apr-May: 十字架 The Cross
2022 Mar-Apr: 生命中的每一天 Be the Strength I need
2022 Jan-Feb: 陪我走过春夏秋冬 You’re always with me
2021 Dec: 是为了爱 [耶稣降生在马槽] It’s all for love
2021 Oct-Nov: 尽情地微笑 Smile
2021 Aug-Oct: 大山为我挪开 Mountains Move for Me
2021 Mar-May: 凡事都能做 All Things Are Possible
2021 Jan-Feb: 在这里 You are Here”
2020 Oct-Dec: 飞 Fly”
2020 Aug-Sep: 得胜的宣告 You are my Victory”
2020 Jan-Feb: 彩虹 “Rainbow”
2019 Oct-Dec: 喜樂&自由 “Joy & Freedom”
2019 Aug-Sep: 今天可以不一样 “A different Day”
2019 Summer: 好心情 “Feeling Happy”
2019 Mar-May: 脚步 “Footsteps”
2019 Jan-Feb: 将天敞开 “Open the Heaven”
2018 Oct-Dec: 看见神的爱 I’ve seen God’s Love
2018 Aug-Sep: 好心情 Feeling Happy
2018 April-May: 活出爱 Live Out Love
2018 Jan-Mar: 喜乐河流 River of Joy
2017 Aug-Dec: 赞美的孩子最喜乐 When I Praise You, I’m Filled With Joy with Lyrics
2017 Summer: 将天敞开 Open the Heaven
2017 Feb-Jun :
2016 Aug-17Jan: 这里有荣耀 Glory
2016 Mar-May: 新的事将要成就 You Do a New Thing
2016 Jan-Mar: 在祂没有难成的事 Nothing is impossible with Him
2015 Nov-Dec: 主恩典 Grace of God
2015 Mar-Jun: 恩典之路 The Path of Grace
2014 Nov – 2015 Feb: 我们欢迎君王降临 We Long to Meet
2014 Summer: 圣灵的江河 Holy Spirit the River
2014 Mar-May: 幸福 Blessed (whole song)
2014 Jan-Feb: 得释放 Set Me Free
2013 Aug-Oct: 如果你想知道 If You Want to Know
2013 Summer: 多么奇妙 MARVELOUS
2013 Mar-May: 我已经决定,要跟随耶稣 I have decided to follow Jesus
2012/3 Dec/Feb: 耶稣喜爱世上小孩 Jesus Loves the Little Children
2012 Sep/Nov: 天父的花园 The Father’s Garden
2012 Summer: 我要向高山举目 Lift My Eyes to the Hills
2012 Apr/May: 相信有爱就有奇迹 Believe in Love, you will see miracles
2012 Feb/Mar: 喜乐泉源 Fountain of Joy
2012 Jan: 中文诗歌 Chinese Christian Song Remix
2011 Nov/Dec: 在祢宝座前 Before Your Throne
2011 Sep/Oct: 我们爱让世界不一样 We will love (We Can Make a Difference)
2011 Summer: 满有能力 I Am Strengthened In Him