MCS Chinese Lessons

2020 Spring
Week 1 Simplified 第一课 Ch1 Traditional 第一課 Ch1 你好! Hello
Week 2 Simplified 第二课 Ch2 Traditional 第二課 Ch2 我的名字 My name
Week 3 Simplified 第五课 Ch 5 Simplified 第六课 Ch6 Traditional 第五課 Ch5 Traditional 第六課 Ch6我和我的家 My Family and I
Week 4 Simplified 第七课 Ch7 Traditional 第七課 Ch7 我家小花园 Our Little Garden
Week 5Review/Exam
Week 6 Simplified 第九课 Ch9 Traditional 第九課 Ch9 吃水果 Eating Fruits
Week 7 Simplified 第十课 Ch10 Traditional 第十課 Ch10 小吃 Snacks
Week 8 Simplified 第十二课 Ch12 Traditional 第十二課 Ch12 早餐 Breakfast
Week 9 Simplified 第十六课 Ch16 Traditional 第十六課 Ch16 学习身体 Learning the Body
Week 10Review/Exam/Student Shopping

HW Assignment for each week:
1. Online Learning 5 times a week
2. Finish Chapter Exercise Book
3. Student Recording

Student Recording 学生录音:
File name: MCS Student Name Ch#.m4a or any audio file
Email the audio file to: